Deep Thoughts

1. Making simple nicknames like “Kevbo” our of Kevin or “The Frankster” out of Frank was huge in the early 90s but nowadays seems underutilized, at best. I would like to bring that phenomenon back.

2. I think when you think of a really clever saying or metaphor all on your own, it would be smart, when first using it, to preface it with “You know, my grandmother used to say…”  It seems like that would give it an aura of legitimacy. And people will be more open to accepting its inherent wisdom.

3. Bob Uecker’s house on “Mr. Belvedere” didn’t seem big enough to indicate that he had enough money to afford a butler. In fact, it kinda looked like the same basic set they used for “Who’s the Boss.” Of course, Angela could afford a “housekeeper” and I didn’t have any problem buying that. And I guess Tony and Mr. Belvedere kinda served the same practical function. But still, having a “butler” just seems to imply a whole different level of wealth.

4. How come at the beginning of “Commando” the assassins disguised themselves as their target’s garbage men? How could they have possibly known he’d be hastily running the trash out to the curb himself as their garbage truck pulled up?



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